Hi there, I’m Michelle

I live in Downtown LA, where you can find me blogging full time, exploring cute DTLA coffee spots, finding good deals on house plants and window shopping with friends. My home is full of white walls, giant windows and freshly lit candles, and it’s honestly my favorite place to be (give me travel or give me home!) I make an impossible to-do list every morning and I’m usually caught with a pretty, green matcha latté in hand. Things that inspire me: girlboss entrepreneurs, The Eiffel Tower, minimal design, wild flower fields.

My mission is to Beaution at what I love

When I started blogging in November of 2012, I was pretty hesitant to put myself out there. I knew I had a passion for creating a lifestyle blog, but I was intimidated by the task. Honestly, I was worried about what people would think, especially if I failed. I named my blog Take Aim because I wanted to overcome my fears and encourage others to do the same. I believed that the risk was worth it and committed myself to making it happen. I’m so grateful that this blog has become a career. The theme, “Take Aim” is within every blog post I write. I hope what you read here inspires, equips and empowers you to Take Aim at your own dreams and goals, and to do it with confidence. There’s nothing more rewarding than Taking Aim at what you love.

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